We are Profit Forex Signals, We Make Build Bring Profit

Join our forex funding program and start making money. Weekly Payout!

Become FOREX FUNDED trader.

No subscription fee and a one-time refundable payment.

70% profit is for you - 30% profit we keep for us.

70/30 profit share starting from second phase, in the first phase we do not share profit with you.

Join our forex funding program and start making money.

We provide proper assistance to our members when it comes to essential matters such as the timing of placing any entry (buy/sell), when to rake in higher revenue and when a loss is expected. This is to ensure that our clients enjoy the best Forex Signals services with least risk.

No subscription fee and a 70% PROFIT SHARE

Start trading with a REAL ACCOUNT that has $200,000 and scale it up to $3,2 Mil.

No subscription fee and a one-time refundable payment. The payment for your application will be refunded to you with your first payout.

At Profit Forex Signals, we have a world-renowned reputation for funding and backing profitable traders. We have always considered ourselves to be at the cutting edge of our industry, and we trade on all major asset classes on multiple exchanges with our own capital. By becoming a member of the team, you become a part of our success.

You believe that you are an excellent trader, but you lack the funds or simply do not want to risk own funds. This is no problem at all as we are looking for highly talented traders, and we will give you an account with $100,000 to use in a REAL trading environment. We will cover the losses and share the profit with you. The profit sharing comes in the second phase; in the first phase we do not share profit with you, we keep everything. Trading with us means you will never risk any of your own money and you will not be liable for any losses either. We will take on the full risk from day one. From the second phase, we will also double the size of your funded trading account every time you reach a 10% profit.


So you can keep 70% profit while we will take 30% profit share. We cover loses! Profit share come from second phase!



Never wait to reach your XY% profit to get paid. Instead, you will get paid for any profit percentage you make in any given month/week without affecting your account growth. Profit is paid each Friday when market close!

How does it work ?

It is very simple, there are only two phases that you need to pass: for phase one, SHOW US YOUR SKILL and for phase two, SHOW US YOUR MIGHT!


Show us your skill. Prove that you can make profit from trading. Demonstrate to us that you have a winning strategy. Show us that you can manage risk. Earn a forex funded trading account! We will provide you with an account in a real trading environment (from one of our partner brokers) in which you will trade. Show us that you are able to trade, and if you successfully become one of our funded traders, we will double your account from the following month. There are only a few simple rules that you need to follow.

We will give you one month to become one of our funded traders.

Phase one lasts for 30 days. We believe that this is enough time to prove yourself, show your abilities and become a trader for one of most famous forex providers.

Here are the rules you need to follow:

  • You will receive an account with $100,000 in a real trading environment to start with.
  • Trade any forex pair that you like; there are no restrictions at all. You can trade indices, metals, stocks, crypto, etc.
  • Have at least 5 active trades per week, from open to closed trade.
  • 15% maximum Draw Down. Draw Down should not exceed $15000.
  • $5000 maximum daily losses.
  • Trade any time of the day.
  • You can keep open trades overnight and over the weekend.
  • You can only have a maximum of 10 lots per trade. Also you can have multiple trades with 10 lots each of one.
  • Hedging is allowed.
  • Profit target is $15000!
  • From us you will get true ECN/STP trading account type without spreads. ZERO spread for all forex pairs, indices, commodity, metals, futures, CFDs, futures, crypto pairs...There is $5 fee per one trading lot.

Test Phase

  • $100 000 Trading Account
  • 1:33 leverage
  • 15% or $15 000 Maximum DrawDown
  • $5 000 Daily Losing Limit
  • Maximum of 10 lots per trade
  • Multiple trades of 10 lots are allowed
  • $15 000 is Target Goal
  • $200 000 trading account in second phase
  • Your account will double up to $3.2m for every additional 10% profit reached in the second phase
  • Weekly profit payout!
  • Payout&Refund Proofs can be found HERE.


If you have entered phase two, it means that you have passed our verification process. Our verification process needs all conditions from phase one to be met and to be approved by our team. After you are approved, we will sign an agreement about mutual cooperation. So, congratulations, you are now one of our funded traders! All trading rules will be kept the same from phase one, so BRING PROFIT TO US AND YOURSELF! You will receive a monthly profit payout and we will refund your application fee after you pass first phase. You will receive your profit on the 5th of each month. From second month payout profit is each week, weekly. If you decide to compound your profit, that is no problem, we will still take out our 30% profit share.

In simple:

1. You got refund.

2. You sing agreemnt with mutual cooperation with investor.

3. You get new logins for funding account, and continue to trade.

Application fee will be refunded during first payout!

Rules you need to follow: