Understanding the Forex Market

The foreign exchange market, also known as Forex or FX, is the global decentralized market for the trading of currencies. The primary players in Forex are the international banks where they interact with buyers and sellers around the clock and determine the relative values of different currencies.

The Forex market operates on several different levels where the major financial institutions connect with smaller financial firms (known as ‘dealers’) which helps lend to the term the ‘interbank market’.

The risk is high on the foreign exchange market where deals may extend to several million dollars ultimately with the intent to enable fair currency conversion in order to assist with international trade and investment.


After World War II the Bretton Woods system established a system for monetary management which would later transform into Forex analysis and the overall exchange protocol.


Prior to World War II government restrictions on foreign exchange transactions restricted growth of the global economy because exchange rates were fixed. Forex was established and the rest they say is history.

Forex Characteristics

Forex is considered to be the nearest ideal to the concept of competition, debatable perhaps, yet it is hard to ignore its profound effect on the world economy.


The foreign exchange market is unique due to its floating exchange rates not to mention its continuous operation 24 hours a day (excluding weekends).

Forex Software

The geographical dispersion of the market is affected by several factors some of which are predicted and assessed by software like Forex EA and Forex trade copier.


After dealing with a Forex broker financial institutions operate on the market to produce a massive trade volume designed to solicit high liquidity. It is all about leverage because institutions seek to enhance profit and loss margins with respect to the size of the account, and seems to be working after averaging $5.3 trillion in trading per day in 2013.

Trading Suggestions

The FX utilizes Forex signals which are a suggestion for entering a trade on a currency pair at a specific time and price. The signal may be generated by an analyst or the aforementioned Forex software.


The services provided by the signals go into 4 primary categories:

Free signals
Paid signals from 1 provider to another
Paid signals from more than 1 signal system or source
Signals from the Forex software (AKA a Forex bot or expert advisor)

The Foray into the Forex

The forex market stands for the foreign exchange market. Foreign exchange is exactly what it sounds like, exchanging one currency into another currency, usually for either commerce or tourism.

One of key terms to know is, which is defined as the smallest change in price that any single exchange rate can make. Most of the currencies exchanged in this market are priced out to four decimal points which means that the smallest change that can be made is that last decimal point. This equates out to 1/100 of one percent – one point or .

Generally speaking, there are three types of accounts you can set up.

Standard Trading Accounts

This type of account is the most common. The name itself means that you can access standard “lots” of currency, typically worth $100,000 each.

Pros: This particular type does require significant capital investment up front, so you will receive a higher level of service and more perks from yourforex broker. It also has the most potential gain involved.
The major disadvantage is the necessary amount of money up front, usually a minimum of $2,000 and can be up to $10,000. And with the pro of having high potential gain also comes the high potential of loss.
Mini Trading Accounts

These are more simple accounts in that they allow traders to complete transactions using smaller lots, $10,000 or 1/10 of a standard account

Pros: Experienced traders can test new methods of forex analysi because there is not as much money on the line per trade. It also works for new traders who are just starting to learn about forex signals
Cons: With less risk comes less potential for reward.
Managed Trading Accounts

These are more like mutual funds in that the financial investment is yours but the individual transaction decisions are not.

Pros: A professional broker will handle these accounts, most likely using their forex expert advisor tools, or forex EA Cons: Not only do they usually require a minimum of $2,000 but the account managers will also take a commission.

Many banks, both commercial and investment, perform these trades for their clients but the practice thereof has created an environment for speculative trading using online services. You can also look into a forex trade copier which will duplicate trades completed by a broker into your personal account without you having to manually replicate each transaction.

How the Forex Trade Works

Many people have heard about the Forex Marke yet have no idea how it works or even remotely what it entails. Although there is a huge platform to study to understand all of the intricate workings of the market, there are some basics to learn about that can help clear up some understandings or misunderstandings that people might have regarding foreign exchange and trade.

What is Forex How it works?

To begin, let us start out with a quick rundown of Forex itself. Forex is a trading market involved with a global array of foreign exchange traders including banks, institutions, and private party individuals that use the Forex resources available to make trades across the nations.

The week of trading begins Monday and goes through Friday across all major markets allowing for 24 hour trading on five days of the week. What happens is that as most people know, the Reports will come out allowing Forex Brokers to see what is happening within particular markets. For example there are rises and falls within the currencies which help traders to know which would be best to buy or sell at different times. There are Forex Signals which help these traders to know more of a time frame of when to trade and when not to because they will ultimately, as the name says, signal to traders when to make their move. These signals may either be programmed by robots or automated systems or by a human assistant. Regardless, they are very helpful in time managing the best trades. Basically the data released each day will help determine what trades are most important to make throughout different times day to day.

Currencies that can be traded can be broken up into the seven major currencies and cross currency pairs. Basically these are pairs of currencies that are traded against one another. The major pairs will include the United States Dollar; however, there are the cross currency pairs which do not use the United States Dollar. The major currency trades are far more widely made than the alternative without the United States Dollar.

Many programs have been customized to help players in their trades. Such systems include Forex EA and the Forex Trade Copier that can by a program help traders make decisions. The Forex Expert Advisor can automatically execute trades like the trade copier can copy data and make trades for you directly without your physical action required.