Forex Strategy

Draft Smart Money Moves – A Proven Forex Strategy That Really Works

One of the most important things to understand is a retail Forex investor is that the kind of money you are trading may feel like a small fortune, but in the grand scheme of things – when stacked up against institutional money and commercial traders – it’s just a drop in the bucket.

No individual retail trader is going to have the kind of buying power that can move the market the way that those “big dogs” can.

At the same time, though, that doesn’t mean that you can’t utilize a very savvy Forex strategy to overhaul draft” off of the decisions that big institutional traders make (smart money) – cashing in on their research, expertise, and market timing.

Here’s how to use this Forex strategy going forward for

Spotting Smart Money in the First Place

The first thing you’ll need to do is (obviously) identify smart money traders that you want to emulate an draft off to begin with.

You’re looking for large traders with a sizable amount of capital that can move the markets when they execute a trade.

This usually means investment bankers, hedge fund operators, mutual funds in the Forex space, and other institutional investors.

A little bit of research (Google is your best friend) will give you information about the movers and shakers are in the smart money world of Forex.

Those are the ones you want to zero in on.

Track and Chart a Week or Two of Moves

After identifying the smart money that you want to emulate, to good idea to make sure that you track and chart a week or two of their moves just to get a feel for how they operate.

Some people take even longer to chart this kind of activity (a couple of months, even) so that there’s absolutely no doubt about the kinds of moves that these smart money investors make on a regular and consistent basis.

You’ll want to know the types of moves and overall investment strategy that these big Forex traders have so that you know what to look for later down the line.

Pattern Out the Signals They are Trading Off

During your charting of the moves made by these traders you want to match up each of the moves and executions to as much market research and technical analysis as you can get your hands on.

You want to try and identify the signals that they themselves are trading off of, home to give yourself an opportunity to first better understand the best signals to zero in on and later to identify them yourself so that you can make moves quicker.

This patterning process can be helped along with a bunch of really useful pattern tools most brokerages provide. That something you’ll want to knock out for sure.

Execute ASAP!

The last piece of the puzzle just comes down to actually executing on the information that you have gleaned from these Forex smart money movers.

This Forex strategy only works if you put into play.

Trust your gut, trust your research, and dive headfirst into a move or two (with as much money as you are comfortable with) – and then exit intelligently – to give feel for how this whole thing works.

After you have a dozen or more trades under your belt this Forex strategy will feel like second nature!

Forex Funding Program

Can Forex Funding Programs Be Trusted?

The world of Forex investing is incredibly exciting.

There’s nothing like trading different currencies around the world as they move up and down in volume, finding the right pairs to cash in big time on an ever-changing market that has plenty of opportunity to make real money – significant wealth – in a way that can be tough to do with other investment vehicles.

At the same time, it can be challenging to make the kind of money that could change your life if you don’t have a big nest egg to rock and roll with straight out of the gate.

That’s where the right Forex funding program comes into play.

Are Forex Funding Programs Legitimate?

Forex funding program offers basically give you the keys to the castle to accounts that are already funded, giving you an opportunity to try out your own specific Forex strategies without risking any of your own money – while still having an opportunity to make some on your trades!

A lot of these programs allow you to “paper trade” with accounts that are funded for up to $2 million, giving you access to full on Forex brokerage accounts and real market data so that you get the whole experience without any risk.

This gives you a chance to learn how the market moves, whether or not your strategies are effective or need a little work, and how to actually execute the mechanics of these trades without burning through your investment nest egg early in your career.

How to Find a Real Deal Forex Funding Program

Of course, not all of the Forex funding program offers out there are worth looking into – and some of them are flat out phony programs only designed to hijack your strategies, copy your research, and implement your trades with real money behind the scenes.

Those kinds of programs basically freeze you well completely while reaping the rewards of all your work, your time, and your energy!

Thankfully though, these kinds of programs are pretty rare and get weeded out rather quickly.

What you want to do is look for a Forex funding program that is:

  • Accredited by any major Forex trading agency
  • Recommended by major players in the Forex world and
  • Has a reputation for helping students master these kinds of trades without any strings attached

How to Use Your Experience and Knowledge with a Forex Funding Program to Make Real Money

It’s quickly important that you take advantage of your opportunity to work with Forex funding program offers to first master the fundamentals of trading and then later master some of the more advanced strategies or tactics you feel a little uncomfortable running with your own cash on the line.

These offers put you in the pole position to learn a whole lot about the Forex world, all without any risk to your personal nest egg or your hard-earned money.

Be sure that you don’t waste these opportunities but instead develop the skills that can immediately translate to big wins when you are throwing your money into the ring.

Forex Trading Platforms

Here’s How to Land the Best Forex Trading Platforms for You

Connecting with the right Forex trading platforms is more challenging today than it used to be, if only because there are so many great options to pick from.

Interestingly enough, even just 10 years ago when there were only a handful of Forex trading platforms to go with – and all of them were significantly less feature-rich and friendly to use – it was easier to land on one because they weren’t much different from one another.

Today though, you have to be really smart about the Forex trading platforms you choose to do your trading on.

Make the right move and trades become almost effortless and your whole experience is a joy.

Make the wrong move, though, and even big Forex wins aren’t going to feel that good.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you out.

Outline Your Needs

Not everyone is going to be able to make use of each of the best Forex trading platforms out there.

Some really amazing platforms are designed to help new traders hit the ground running while handicapping and handcuffing more successful traders because of their simplicity.

Other platforms are designed to give experienced traders all the tools and granular control they need to make it big in the Forex world, the kind of platforms that new traders would drown in choices with.

Outline your needs before you get started and you’ll be good to go.

Dig Deeper Into Platform Offerings

Another great tip to sort between all of the different Forex trading platforms out there is a dive a little bit deeper into specific platform offerings, making sure that they have all of the features and all of the capabilities you are after – especially proprietary ones that other platforms likely do not have.

If you’re going to do daytrading you’re going to want to make sure that you have a direct interface with the market. You don’t want to be sending your trades to a “dealing desk” for them to get bottled up somewhere along the line with you missing out on some big money.

Always analyze these offers before you sign on the dotted line or move any money into an account.

Make sure that they pair up nicely with your investment strategy and you’ll be all set.

Trial Run as Many as Possible

If you have an opportunity to trial run a couple of different Forex trading platforms it’s not a bad idea to do so, even if that means opening up a couple of accounts with a few hundred (or a few thousand) dollars just to see how they fit your needs.

Sometimes accounts will let you trade with paper money, giving you access to the full features without you having to risk any of your money whatsoever in the demo account. That can be a great way to try your trading strategies out without having to risk any of your cash upfront.

At the end of the day, the Forex trading platforms that you choose to use are going to be a big piece of your success or failure.

Make sure the platforms you use fit like a glove.