Famous Forex Trader: George Soros

George Soros is a feared and often hated man in the world of finance and politics. He has mastered the art of trading currencies that led him to amass immense amounts of money over the years. While he is currently retired, he still offers advice and attempts to influence public policy within the political realm.

Early Trading Years


George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930. After graduating from college in 1947, he went on to work as an analyst and investment manager F.M. Mayer, Wertheim & Co., and Arnhold & S. Bleichroeder. He then went on to start his own company, the Soros Fund Management, which later became the Quantum Fund. While running Quantum Fund, it has been reported that he built up returns of over 30% per year, and over 100% at least twice.


Making Millions and Billions<


George Soros was involved in both the stock market as well as in the Forex Market, but it was his masterful way of developing Forex Analysis that allowed him to make so much money. He was a short-term speculator that made huge buts on currencies in the Financial Market. He is the guy that made over $1 billion in one day by short selling the British Pound. E learned how to read the political and economic climate of countries, and was able to influence world-wide currency decisions all by himself. Some people say he played a large role in the Asian financial crisis of 1997 as well.


Some Advice


As a huge investor and money mover, Soros does not use a Forex Broker like the rest of us would, but he shared some advice that may help out even more than our Forex Signals, our Forex EA and Forex Trade Copier that we rely on so much. He said that he studied the way people traded and how they reacted, and learned that people tend to trade in herd and trade with their emotions. He said that he would stay with the herd most of the time, but he would look for a reason to break away and make a killing.


Politically and Philanthropically


George Soros does give away a lot of his money to people and causes that are important to him. Some people feel that his political influence is too strong and can be very dangerous. He believes strongly in the Socialist system, and many would say he is a Communist. As such, he runs and funds websites and political groups that help to enact his Socialist views.