GBP/USD analysis for 2nd September 2019

GBP/USD – Analysis for 2nd September

First working day in September there will no be high movement. We expect that price will move from 1.2117 to 1.2191.

SHORT trend scenario could be if we see clear break at 1.2097, in that case price will continue to go down at least till 1.2050.

Monday will be good day for trading GBP/USD since that price will floating all day between 1.2100 to 1.2150. Any break between those 2 prices will define trend for next 2 days at least.

RSI is very mixed from 30 to 70 without clear sign of trend.

Pivot points:

Resistance 1: 1.2217

Resistance 2: 1.2253

Resistance 3: 1.2277

PIVOT: 1.2193

Support 1: 1.2157

Support 2: 1.2133

Support 3: 1.2097