Did you ever hear of the tale of the lion, field mice, and the antelope?
The lion must eat to survive, but it must choose what to hunt carefully.
Field mice are easy to catch and plentiful, but each mouse takes more effort than the food it will provide the lion.
The antelope is much larger and much harder to hunt and kill than the field mouse, but will fill up the lion’s belly and provide lots of energy.
If the lion only hunted field mice (small targets) it would eventually starve to death, but if the lion hunts antelope (big targets) it will flourish.
Are you spending all your precious time going after small targets or big targets?
Sure, getting wins is nice — it makes you feel good and that you’re making progress, right?
Or are you actually just starving to death in life and business because those small payoffs aren’t carrying you through?
Each day you need to keep your eyes on the big prizes. Ask yourself:
“Did I spend today chasing mice or hunting antelope?”
Small is small and big is big. You need BIG.
You need to go after big opportunities!