How to Integrate a Forex Signals Provider Into a Trading Strategy

When you find a good forex signals provider, you stick with them. No one has a crystal ball, but if your provider supplies you with forex signals that pan out more than 50 percent of the time, you’ve discovered someone with a winning strategy. Of course forex trading requires too much effort and resources to settle for 51 percent accuracy from your forex signals provider. Many winning forex strategists have a proven track record of providing 75 percent winning trade advice, or even higher. As long as you don’t drop out too quickly, forex signals that work at that level will make you money.

Most Traders Like to Stay Involved

Most forex traders like to have a hands-on approach to their trades. They rely on their forex signals provider to perform the technical side of information processing, and then use the information and advice they receive to decide whether they want to enter into a trade. If you have a trading strategy, you can integrate trade signals from you forex signals provider into your overall approach to free up more time. Most traders look for alerts of promising forex signals based on one of two parameters. Some prefer to enter into trades based on trends in the market. Others prefer to use predetermined ranges, and buy or sell based on exact thresholds.


Once traders know what type of forex analysis to rely on to make trades, they can set up signals from their providers that notify them that the requirements for a trade have been met, and then provide a way to execute a trade to take advantage of the opportunity. Many traders are alerted by text message or email. Others prefer to participate I chat rooms where all trade signals are announced and discussed by a group of interested investors. In either case, the investor has a chance to think the trade over before plunking down any money. A trader could have personal reasons to pass on a trade, or might not like the fundamentals.

Automated Triggers for Forex Trades

The second method of integrating a forex signals provider into you trading strategy is to set up trade triggers based on pips above or below a certain level, or some other parameter that would normally make a trader pull the trigger without hesitation. Many traders don’t feel comfortable setting up all their trades with automated triggers, and only automate stop-loss sell levels, for instance. That keeps the upside open, and limits losses that might occur if you’re not able to pay attention to trading levels at an inopportune time.