Economy and Standard package


To improve the quality of our services, we try to add hundreds more frequently at some novelty. Next in line is there and something about which many only dreamed of. Trade copier in economics package and of course + free VPS. Perfect to try our services right? With this package we provide to you around 500 pips every single month.

By now, you could try our services through economics package only through manual signal, but now you can do if you want to try our trade copier system. All you have to do is to make a payment, send the details to our email address, and start receiving signals. Of course, in addition to receiving the signal, you will use the services trade copier system.

Economy package – cost 100$/month, gives 1-3 signals per week and around 500 pips per month.



Like you know, we recently promoted Pearl package which is currently the best-selling package. Anyway, some people like old school, and do not care much for technology advances, so they will choose Standard package for sure.

Standard package or as we like to say “Standard 1000”. the price of $200 per month is insignificant compared to what you get. Average of 1000 pips net profit almost always was exceeded.


When you purchase Standard package, you become the owner of 5 + signals per week. You will get them via SMS and E-MAIL. All our signals are pending order, what mean that you will have 30-60 minutes to enter the trade. For the results of these signals check our webpage section “Performance”. All our performance is verified and transparent.

You don’t need to waste your time wandering here and there when you have Anna and her team. They are highly competitive in accessing trading probabilities, analyzing market conditions and market trends. Once all the conditions, rules and regulations are assented to they send the Forex Signals. There is no space for any mistake, and the signals they provide are clear, simple and easy to use.

Our head trader, Anna FX, and her team, have tried to secure to customers of Standard package, one more benefit. It’s about Trade Copier system. Trade copier system is a system where everything what PFXS trader does on his MT4 platform is copied to your MT4 platform. As a gift from their side, you will get FREE VPS.

Standard package – cost 200$/month, gives 5+ signals per week and around 1000 pips per month.

Do not forget that we are one of the few that give a large number of promotions and incentives, and that we have for seven years been responsible for your happiness.